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Why is a fitness buddy beneficial


Soooo busy mammas we all know we require an element of motivation to get us going, I know I used to like working out with friends💖

Ever thought of a fitness buddy someone you could hook up with on a regular basis to meet for a walk attend a class or just keep each other motivated by keeping in touch regularly, checking in on a weekly basic helping each other out with food tips?

One thing lockdown has taught me was to take my business online I never thought I would get the same motivation but I connected with so many people I attended Zumba online, group what’s app, networking events to make new like minded business mummies.

Are any of you struggling to keep motivated ?

Do you need a little kick up the butt of a friend ?

There are so many benefits of a FITNESS BUDY

💋beat loneliness especially if your forking from home or new to town or just finding being a new mum has changed the dynamics of your social life?

💋are you struggling with your mental health and need a new buddy

💋exercising outdoors is safe in numbers

💋fancy learning a sport like running our outdoor swimming finding someone who can enjoy these things with your

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