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Hey and welcome,  my name is Lyndsay your busy mum fitness podcaster welcome to my website, come and get to know a little bit more about me.  You will find me on most podcasting platforms were I have an amazing community of busy women and mums were we discuss fitness, mum life, business, manifesting through motherhood, law of attraction, self development and having a child with SEN.  Its such a relaxed community were you will feel like your just listening to your best friend over a cuppa.   In my spare time I like to create low content books from gratitude journals to planners and time blocking resources  etc,  you can find my all my books on Amazon.  I can  also help you create and publish your own books on amazon and go through the launch process of setting up a podcast.  I have worked with many busy women in business who have now got their own range of self published books and fabulous podcasts of their own.


My Career started off at the age of 16 in the Hair and Beauty industry, after obtaining my qualifications I then gained employment and learnt so many skills and experience that I then decided to go it alone at the age of 23 working freelance and from home of which I now have a home salon.  My home provides a safe working environment where I offer many lovely relaxing self-care treatments which I feel we all needful a little time to escape and indulge in our own guilty pleasures.

As I am always looking to develop my professional development, in 2015 I decided to widen my skill set and become a Personal Trainer, but that didn't stop there. I wanted to add more scope to the fitness area by offering individual plans for my clients. I did this by removing barriers to fitness were I strongly feel that exercise should be inclusive to all.  My qualifications and experience cover pain management, pre and post surgery exercise rehab, pre and post natal exercise planning, exercise referral, diabetes and nutrition.  I also include life coaching into my services covering fitness planning, self development mentoring and confidence building.

My main passion is to provide you with the tools to loving your body, find a fitness strategy to be able to support you independently moving forwards to reaching your goals, whether it be self-love or fitness goals.  Also supporting you with personal lived experiences and practices I have put in place to enable you to have a better structured work life balance. I offer my services via zoom by coaching calls or trainings.

I am qualified in British Sign Language and can offer my services to the deaf community. I have personal experience as I am part of a deaf family myself. 

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